Hong Kong Contemporary Art (HOCA)
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HOCA Foundation launched in 2014 with the purpose of promoting and developing awareness of contemporary art in Hong Kong. The city has quickly risen to the forefront of the Asian art market in recent years with a slew of international art galleries, art fairs and auction houses opening up and drawing the attention of international collectors and dealers. Despite this, many people in Hong Kong still protest the city’s lack of cultural outlets, and the HOCA Foundation thus hopes to add to the expanding art scene by providing a new platform for contemporary art events and exhibitions.

HOCA’s main aim is to develop contemporary art exhibitions and events across Hong Kong to focus on bringing art to the city outside of a gallery context. HOCA will also sponsor international artists-in-residence and provide art and culture programs and community services as well as oversee the publication of contemporary art books which will be donated, along with magazines, to schools, libraries and other charitable institutions.